Since the birth of the SMS in 1985 (it's been over 30 years), there have been countless products and services via SMS.

On this website, we try to bring the user all these products and / or services providing detailed information about them, and thus spread the plurality of possibilities that can be accessed via SMS from your mobile phone.

Also, you can find general information related to SMS: what are its origins and history?, who was the inventor of the SMS?, forms of writing used via SMS, and other equally interesting data.


Although many other sectors in addition to banks and financial companies are taking advantage of the potential of SMS to inform their clients at a very low cost, online banking is who for years dominated this sector.

Among the services provided via SMS by banks, financial institutions, credit institutions, investment firms include the following:

  • Sending an SMS whenever a movement occurs in the customer account number.
  • SMS notification of transactions by credit card.
  • Applying for loans or extensions of credit lines.
  • Purchase of shares of stock, stock exchange or other products.
  • Information on demand of securities or downwards of stock products.
  • Recharge credit cards, telephone cards and prepaid cards.

In short, the SMS service is used to increase customer safety advising of any event that could be a risk (example: credit card payments) as well as to supply various financial products that can access or use easy and nimbly (example: fast loan request).


Just as there are number of premium rate phone, there are so-called Premium SMS which costs much higher than a normal SMS.

Premium SMS are used to give users of payment services including the ratings of television programs and competitions, horoscope and tarot services, erotic content, dating services, and so on. All these services are provided via SMS in return for sending an SMS Premium (or more) the cost of which varies from country to country (in Spain the price is about 3.00 euros to 0.90 euros).

Although this type of service has been a high number of complaints in the early years (2001-2005) due to various scams, today is a highly legislated business and guarded to prevent unethical behavior among the operators of this type of services premium rate.

Next we will indicate what are some of the prefixes or the first Premium SMS numbers in some countries.